Renard (diamonds)

Stream and Terms: 9.6% diamond stream on the Renard mine. For each carat received under the stream Osisko pays the lesser of US$40 per carat or 40% of the achieved sales price.
Operator: Visit Stornoway Diamond Corporation for more information
Primary Commodity: Diamonds
Location: Québec, Canada
Reserves and Resources:
  • Proven and probable reserves of 11.8 Mct (16.8 Mt @ 70 cpht)
  • Measured and indicated resources (exclusive of reserves) of 3.7 Mct (8.7 Mt @ 43 cpht)
  • Inferred resources of 13.0 Mct (23.4 Mt @ 56 cpht)
Production: N/A


  • Ongoing sustained rough diamond market recovery
  • Potential mine life extension from depth potential of existing kimberlite pipes and lateral development to other mineralized pipes

More details in the 2023 Asset Handbook


Source: Company disclosure and Osisko management estimates.