Asset Portfolio


The Company’s assets include a portfolio of shares of publicly traded companies. Osisko invests, and intends to continue to invest, from time to time in companies where it holds a royalty, stream or similar interest and in various companies within the mining industry for investment purposes and with the objective of improving its ability to acquire interests in exploration assets, future royalties or revenue streams. In addition to investment objectives, in some cases, the Company may decide to take a more active role, including providing management personnel, technical and/or administrative support, as well as nominating individuals to the investee’s board of directors.

These investments mainly include the following companies (as at June 30, 2017):

Osisko Mining Inc.
Location % Held Windfall Royalty
Québec 15.7 1.5% NSR
Location % Held Royalty
Bristish Columbia 33.4 2.25% NSR
Logo de Ressources Falco
Location % Held Royalty
Québec 13.3 1% NSR