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Corporate Responsibility


Invest in projects and operations that conducts its activities in a sustainable manner is an integral part of Osisko’s business strategy. This also applies to our exploration activities. We strive to create shared value with governments, our host communities and our employees to provide long-term benefits to our shareholders and partners. We believe that through on-going dialogue with our stakeholders, and embracing opportunities to improve our performance, we will maintain our ability to participate to new resource development.

To achieve our vision, we have established clearly defined guidelines in the areas of Society, Environment and Economy. These objectives have been selected based upon our understanding of the issues that matter to our partners and that we have identified as being important to the long-term success of our business. They provide a meaningful framework to measure and communicate our performance in the area of sustainable development.

Society Staying safe, encouraging diversity, supporting our
employees, working with our host communities and
respecting the rights of Aboriginal people.
Environment Efficiently utilizing natural resources, minimizing
environmental impacts, and ensuring the long-term
viability of natural habitats.
Economy Creating wealth and opportunities for our
shareholders and partners.